Why Adicora?

Playa Sur (South Beach) of Adicora is among the top 5 beaches in the world for kitesurfing. Really! This is due to several reasons:

The wind is on-shore. This makes the beach safer and easier to kitesurf. You will always end up on the shore (no life boat needed). 

The beach is shallow. Even at a distance from the shore, you can simply stand up, which makes retrieving your board much easier. 

The beach is big and wide. Tons of people can kitesurf at the same time without being in eachothers´way. Plenty of room to set up and launch your kite. 

One of the longest wind seasons, running from January to September. Check the wind report 

Warm weather all year around, yes, ALL YEAR!

Easy access by plane or car from the main cities of the country. Also direct flights from Aruba and Curaçao.

Where is it located?

Adicora is located on the eastern side of the Peninsula of Paraguana, in the state of Falcon, Venezuela.

How do I get there?

The nearest airport is called Josefa Camejo (LSP) in the city of Punto Fijo. There are direct flights to this airport from Caracas (capital of Venezuela, CCS), Aruba, and Curaçao. From the airport, Adicora is about 40 minutes away by car. We can arrange your transfer from the airport to Adicora - just let us know beforehand. 

By car, the aproximate time it takes from the main cities of the country is:

Caracas - 7hr

Maracay - 5hr
Valencia - 4 hr
Maracaibo - 3.5 hr

We can help you arrange your trip to Venezuela, including other spots in the country. Just shoot us an e-mail through our contact form.

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