Beginners Kite Course 1

– 8 hours
Learn about the theory behind kiteboarding, followed by a trainer kite session on land. Learn how to set up a kite and the safety measures. Then, off you are to the water with a real kite. First, you will enter the water without a board for some body drag. Once your instructor feels you are ready, you will move on to water start (with a board). 

Advanced Kite Course 

– By the hour
Pre-requisite: Student must own a kite for the course.

Ready to take your kiting to the next level? In this course you will learn with the best in freesyle in Venezuela. Don´t swallow salty water or take hits in vain. Our instructors will teach you the best techniques and be there to correct your mistakes on spot. 

SUP (Stand up paddle) Rental & Lessons​ 

– By the hour
Learn and practice this great sport in flat water or small waves. Fun for the entire family. If you´ve never done it, take a basic course and enjoy! 

Beginners Kite Course 2

 – 5 hours
Ok, so you can go back and forth now? In this course you will learn how to navigate comfortably in both directions, practice transitions, and basic jumping. You will have the full atention of an instructor to correct mistakes, take your kite back to the start, and rescue you when needed.